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What Does Your Mission Demand Today?

As the leading provider of military photo-intelligence solutions, GTS is committed to enhancing and optimizing the photo-intelligence collection, exploitation, and dissemination process. Our enhanced GPS-enabled cameras and GPS modules combined with powerful photo mapping software deliver a complete end-to-end solution proven to improve efficiency and enhance mission results.

How Are GTS “Solutions” Different Than Commercially Available GPS Cameras?

In the world of photography, there are many viable hardware options. From the simplest point-and-shoot compact camera a child can use effectively to the most sophisticated digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) utilized by the most demanding and educated photographer, most all commercially available cameras are great photo-capture devices. These systems serve their purpose, and do it well.

However, GTS strives to bring more to the table. Through several years of research, development and listening to our customers, we’ve created a line of products that are more than just photo-capture devices. Our enhanced GPS-enabled cameras and GPS modules capture the critical Who, What, When, Where and Why of each photograph. The 5 W’s take the photograph from being just an image to a powerful information source.

How Does It Work?

We’ve developed advanced GPS camera modules and firmware that allow for the embedding of GPS coordinates (where), compass heading, GPS time/Zulu time (when), ‘object’ location, and ‘memos’ (who, what, and why) into each photograph with a simple press of the shutter. The accuracy and completeness of the intelligence collected and the ability to seamlessly overlay images into a variety of mapping environments delivers a powerful photo-intelligence solution proven to improve workflow efficiencies and enhance situational awareness.

Additionally, digital image files are easily stored and organized into relational databases by memos (i.e. attribute fields), making them “searchable” and allowing for patterns and relationships to be quickly identified.


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