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Frequently Asked Questions

How are GTS “Solutions” different than commercially available cameras?2016-10-21T15:02:05-06:00

In the photographic world, there are many viable options. From the simplest Point-and-Shoot a child can use effectively to the most complex Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) utilized by the most demanding and educated photographer, most all commercially available cameras are a great photo-capture source. These systems serve their purpose, and do it well.

However, Geo Tactical Solutions (GTS) strives to bring more to the table. Through more than seven years of research, development and listening to customer feedback we offer a line of products that are more than just photo-capture sources. Our Advanced GPS Cameras capture the Who, What, When, Where and Why of each photograph. The 5 W’s take the photograph from being just an image to a powerful information source.

How do we do this? We’ve developed advanced Modules and Firmware that allow for the embedding of GPS Coordinates, Compass Heading, GPS Time, ‘Object’ Location and ‘Memos’ into each photograph with a simple press of the shutter button. The accuracy and completeness of the intelligence collected and the ability to seamlessly overlay your images in a variety of Mapping Environments delivers a powerful Photo-Intelligence Solution proven to improve workflow efficiencies and situational awareness.

Couple all of this with our Highly Experienced Team, On-Site Training, 24/7 support, and a Company that thrives on your questions and feedback and it becomes clear how GTS’ Solutions go above and beyond commercially available cameras.

You mention that your hardware integrates with Laser Range Finders, how does that work and what are the benefits?2016-10-21T15:02:05-06:00

We have several ways to integrate to almost any Bluetooth enabled or cabled device. This can be accomplished by “pairing” our modules with the device, or alternatively pairing the camera with the device. Once paired, the device (such as a laser range finder) streams data directly to the camera and all information at the time of image capture is stored within the photo. Consequently we use the distance or offset information to calculate the location of the object in the photo thereby allowing our users to maintain safe separation from hazardous areas or objects and increased effectiveness when capturing data.

With the new restrictions on data transfer, i.e. SD cards, USB, how do your camera solutions transfer photo data?2016-10-21T15:02:05-06:00

In theatre systems can utilize the on board 256 Kb encrypted WiFi for transfer of photo data. The National Security Agency (NSA) has deemed this transfer mechanism to be protected and acceptable. Stateside systems can use the same encrypted WiFi as well as Bluetooth transfer of data for cable-free image transfer.

What is PhotoGIS?2016-10-21T15:02:05-06:00
PhotoGIS is a complete Photo Mapping and Management Software Solution designed to simplify and streamline all facets of photo-based field data collection and integrate seamlessly into your daily workflow.
Powerful tools combined with an easy to use and intuitive user interface allow you to quickly and easily prepare,import/export, map, edit, organize, share and report all of your photographic information. PhotoGIS is also interoperable with GIS applications allowing you to easily convert image files into formats suitable for use in popular programs such as ArcGIS, Google Earth, GeoRover, TIGR and FalconView.
Coupled with our GPS-enabled digital cameras and GPS modules, we’re able to offer a complete end-to-end photo capture and management solution that has proven to dramatically reduce human error, save time andimprove overall workflow efficiencies.
Do I have to buy a new camera or can your solution work with my existing hardware?2016-10-21T15:02:06-06:00

No, Geo Tactical solutions provides a suite of products that fit right into your existing processes. There is little hardware cost, and little training needed to get started. Alternatively, if you are looking to upgrade your Point-and-Shoot Camera to a more Rugged System, or an all-in-one solution, Geo Tactical Solutions has the Hardware to meet your needs.

How difficult is it to implement the tools in the kit?2016-10-21T14:18:12-06:00

We strive to keep your startup costs and downtime to a minimum. Geo Tactical Solutions will be there every step of the way, making sure that everyone in your organization is taking full advantage of our solutions. GTS will be there until you are satisfied with the results. After you’re up and running, Geo Tactical Solutions will be available for any questions you may have on your new system 24/7.

Is a military unit adoption list for your systems available?2016-10-21T14:17:36-06:00

Yes, please email Andy Shannon at for a comprehensive adoption list.

Why do I need a Selective Availability Anti Spoofing Module (SAASM)?2016-10-21T15:02:06-06:00

With the proliferation of GPS jammers, both elaborate and small in nature, GPS signal security is paramount. In a compromised area, spoofing or jamming can lead to inaccurate coordinates or a non-existent GPS signal. This leaves the war fighter with little or no chance of providing accurate intelligence information. GTS’ SAASM GPS Module allows the user to override the standard GPS stream with the encrypted and secure military stream signals and get back to collecting accurate intel.

I currently have a photographic intelligence gathering system in place. Why do I need your systems?2016-10-21T15:02:06-06:00

Our GPS-Enabled Cameras and GPS Modules automatically embed GPS Position, Compass Heading, ‘Object’ Location, Zulu Time/GPS Time and ‘Memos’ into photographs with one click. This helps to reduce human error and “head down” time for the Warfighter. Reporting and debrief preparation times are greatly shortened through automatic report compilation. Lastly, all GTS systems can interact directly or though a plug-in with mapping applications such as FalconView, TIGR, GeoSuite, ArcGIS, and Google Earth. Quick and accurate dissemination of photographic intelligence using specialized Photo Mapping Software leads to greater situational awareness and informed intelligence decisions.

What is the benefit to using the Geo Tactical Solutions kit in the Insurance industry?2016-10-21T15:02:06-06:00

Geo Tactical Solutions’ Insurance-Based Solutions eliminates costly hours of matching pictures with appropriate claims information (in any software) by automatically matching images to the appropriate claim, and even entering notes and additional claims based data and voice recordings. It’s all done by automatically gathering the Who,What, When, Where and Why at the time of image capture. It’s as easy as pressing the shutter button!


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