Ricoh G800SE-M GPS-Enabled Tactical Camera

Don’t Just Take Photographs. Capture Intelligence!

Ultra-rugged, smart and extremely versatile, the G800SE-M GPS-enabled tactical camera has proven to be essential intelligence gear for the Warfighter. Built-in GPS and descriptive ‘memos’ allow you to capture the critical who, what, when, where and why of each photograph with every press of the shutter.

  •    On-board GPS module and electronic compass
  •    Descriptive image memos (e.g. photographer’s name, unit ID, mission type, etc.)
  •    SAASM compatible (avoid GPS jamming and spoofing)
  •    Works with laser range finders for geotagging distant ‘objects’
  •    GIS integration – export data to ArcGIS, FalconView, GeoSuite, Google Earth, Palantir, etc.
  •    GPS track-logs (record mission travel routes)
  •    Multiple GPS formats (LAT/LONG, MGRS, Decimal Degrees, UTM, State Plane, and more)
  •    Ultra-rugged (water, dust, drop, shock, weather, and chemical resistant)
  •    Extended optics allow for detailed observation and photo-capture up to 2,000 meters
  •    PVS-14 night vision compatibility
  •    Streamlined photo mapping and reporting (with GeoJot+ or FoxView)

Enhance Your Workflow and Acquire Better Intel

Exclusive GPS Module & Firmware

Several key features listed above are only available in the Ricoh G800SE-M and not in the Ricoh G800SE. These features include laser range finder integration for OBJECT geotagging, SAASM compatibility, night vision compatibility, multiple GPS formats, improved GPS accuracy, GIS integration, and enhanced data security options.

The Ricoh G800SE-M is equipped with an advanced GPS module (SE-7M) along with enhanced firmware to allow for these powerful added features.

Who Is the Ricoh G800SE-M for?

Individuals and organizations who need an affordable, reliable, and streamlined solution for documenting, organizing, mapping and sharing photographic information. Some common applications include:

  • Military ISR
  • Combat Patrol
  • Emergency and Disaster Response
  • Border Patrol and Security
  • Disaster Insurance Investigations
  • Police Investigations
  • Utility Asset Surveying
  • GIS Photo Integration
  • City Planning and Development
  • Environmental Site Assessments

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