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The G800SE is also designed for rugged outdoor use. Forget the padded camera case. This is a professional camera designed to sit on the seat of your truck or helicopter and get regularly dumped on the floor, dropped in the water or mud, and keep on working. The sample G800SE I used lived up to its reputation as I put it through its paces. I found it easy to use, feature packed, and just downright rugged.
GPS World, Mass Market OEM
It really seems a shame to call the Ricoh G800SE-M tactical GPS Camera simply a camera. It is so much more, as you will see, and I have come to think of it as an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to accurately document and communicate the details of their surroundings — in real time, if necessary — to others.
GPS World, Military & Government
“From an intelligence analysis point of view, if you can’t tell me where that picture was taken, it doesn’t do me any good. Being able to link a photo to a location on a map is extremely powerful from an analysis perspective.”
Signal Magazine, Online
“Things are very hot in my neck of the woods…but my camera goes everywhere with me and I love it.”
MAJ Doug Woodall , US
“Through multiple deployments I have used GTS’ cameras and have been consistently impressed with their durability, functionality and ease of use; and your customer support has also been consistently outstanding.”
Capt Ben Hodgins, USMC 2nd Recon Battalion (FWD)
“The overall construction was great as it held up during the rain and we never had to worry about damaging our camera and being unable to perform our mission.”
Todd F. Polk, CPT, EN Commanding
“I can confirm that your camera and the quick release HMMWV windows were the only things that absolutely need to be in the hands of the Marines right now.”
Cody Carroll , SSgt, USMC


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