TruPulse Laser Range Finders

The Ricoh G800SE-M Camera and FotoMapr GPS Module work seamlessly with TruPulse Laser Range Finders for recording ‘object’ location. Acquiring GPS coordinates of distant objects is as simple as pointing the laser range finder at an object and pressing the camera’s shutter button. The Ricoh G800SE-M Camera or FotoMapr GPS Module will then automatically calculate the GPS coordinates of the distant object and store that information in the Exif header of the resulting digital image file for future mapping and reporting.

TruPulse 200

TruPulse 360R

TruPulse 200B
Laser Range Finder

TruPulse 360

TruPulse 360B
Laser Range Finder

TruPulse 200X
Laser Range Finder


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